Saturday 21 of April 2018




  Association of Administrators of Pensions funds
  Dominican Stock Exchange
  Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
  Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo
  National Council of Social Security
  National Council of Free Zones of Export
  Center of Export and Investment
  General Direction of Internal Revenue
  General Direction of Migration
  Embassy of the United States in Santo Domingo
  Labor Law of Central America
  National Office of the Industrial Property
  National Office of Copyright
  National Police
  General Attorney of the Dominican Republic
  Supreme Court of Justice
  Secretariat of State of Industry and Commerce
  Secretariat of State of Work
  Secretariat of State of Foreign Relations
  Superintendence of Banks
  Superintendence of Health and Labor Risks
  Superintendence of Insurances
  Superintendence of Pensions
  Superintendence of Electricity