Sunday 20 of May 2018


      The firm was founded originally by the Dres.  José Ramón Casado and Carmen E. Chevalier Caraballo, the six (6) of April of the year nineteen eighty-eight (1988), with the name of Casado & Chevalier Lawyers Consultants, has specialized itself in attending penal and civil matters, with a vast experience in those areas of the right.  In 2000, the firm is opened to new associates, conditioning them for their income to have a solid vocational training and ethics printing thus excellence to their services.

       The condition of forming legal professionals of the founding partners carries them to have as goal the perfection, with the new partners wide the services to the public, giving service since then in Consultations, Assistance, Litigations, Real  Estate, National and Foreign Investments, Banking Law, Finance, Contracts, Corporate Law, Family Law, Labor law, Customs, Immigration, Business and International Trade, Laws and Agreements of Intellectual Property, Assurances, Commercial  Agreements, Criminal law, Financial Services, International Trade, Duty-free Zones, among others. What places us to the vanguard to assure our clients and related a correct management in the areas that we offer and opportune way in the solution of its legal problems, as well as in conducting their business in the Dominican Republic committed to excellence and responsibility that characterizes us.